Cloud of Witnesses

“About Bill Cosby being dead. Stop it! Stop it!” Cloud of Witnesses: Widow of Zarephath’s son – I Kings 17:17-24 Shunamite’s son – II Kings 4:20-37 Man tossed into Elisha’s tomb – II Kings 13:21 Widow of Nain’s son – Luke 7:11-16 Jairus’ 12 year-old daughter – Mark 5:35-43 Lazarus – John 11:1-44 Tabitha (aka […]

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Jamaica has fastest woman and man in the world

Congratulations Jamaicans!! Your consistency in obtaining seats in that section of Franklin Field at the Penn Relays on the last Friday and Saturday of April, I’m sure, will be known as “Jamaica” by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Congratulations on having the fastest woman and man in the world.

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Congratulations, I know you’ll do your best!

Congratulations to Ashton Eaton. In the 1960’s, during my time at Temple University, I was a track man! I competed in events including javelin, shot put, 100-meter run, broad jump, and others. I love track and field because each person is working toward his or her personal best. I believe there is a sense of camaraderie among track and field athletes, that’s why the person running last is still running hard. As we prepare to enter the 2012 Olympics, I called to chat with Team USA’s Decathlete, Ashton Easton.

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Happy Father’s Day

Dear Fathers, friends of Fathers, and family members of Fathers, The Playboy Jazz Festival June 16 and 17 will be my last as M.C. I salute all those who met at the Hollywood Bowl in June every year for two special weekend days of jazz. Please enjoy OBKB Season 3 on my smart phone app […]

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My Tribute to Toots and The Maytals

There is a man that has a band, and I just love it! His name is Toots, and he is cool, man. Above is the full version of my music video, and below are the lyrics to Johnny Cool Man. If you’d like to show me your dance version to this music, tag me in […]

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A Letter From a Fan

I recently received this letter from a fan. There was more but I wanted to share this part with you and your friends. This may be a gift to many of you. However, I’m not responsible if it produces the opposite (lol).

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Dear Etta James

Dear Etta James,

I saw you emotionally move every human being while you performed at
the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl to a setting sun.
You gave us your recordings and your interpretations as well for the
thousands, millions, even billions who did not get to see you perform
in person. Get well. I hope to speak with you again as we both

God bless you.

Bill Cosby

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