My friend

Sometimes when we haven’t seen each other for two years, when we finally met again, it was as if one of us had just gone across the street to get a loaf of bread. And now, it will be memories of us that make me laugh.

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Finish THIS thought…

It costs about $8,000 to $10,000/year/child to educate our children.
A school dropout is more likely to be incarcerated than a diploma earner and less likely to be employed.
It costs about $41,000/year/person to incarcerate our citizens.

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Finish this thought…

A candidate, and I am not talking about our current president, campaigns on ‘NO NEW TAXES!’ The people vote the candidate into office, then this newly elected official realizes that the budget deficit is worse than anticipated.

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Bill Cosby Is NOT Dead

About 10 hours ago, an Internet hoax started that said Bill Cosby is dead. The announcement of me being dead may be a VIRUS.

And now ladies and gentlemen for my rebuttal:

As you well know, a dead person cannot rebuttal. Therefore, I am rebuttaling to tell you that when I heard the news I immediately began rebuttaling and went into denial. My wife has just informed me that there is no such word as rebuttaling, she says the word is rebutting. But I don’t care, because I’m alive!

Thank you.

PS. That’s another thing dead people don’t say.

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10 Steps to Brain Healthy Eating for the Poor

by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

When I appeared on MSNBC ‘s nationally televised forum About Our Children, host Bill Cosby asked me a very intriguing question. We were talking about how important good nutrition is for optimal brain performance and physical health when Mr. Cosby asked me, “How do we teach poor people to eat right when bad food is so cheap?”

I have been searching for answers to that question ever since. I decided to call my good friend Jeff Fortuna, the author of Nutrition for the Focused Brain and a faculty member at California State University Fullerton. Together, we came up with the following 10 tips to help people living in poverty, as well as those who are simply strapped for cash during these tough economic times, to eat healthier without spending a fortune.

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Bill Cosby Support System

“While it is true that each one of us can make a change at any moment, it is equally true that at every minute we are all doing the best we can. If you knew better, you would do better. Therefore, those who care and have resources could/should work to create the kind of support systems that could inspire change.”

- Russell Simmons 11/4/2009 (read full blog post here at

Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, psychiatrist, Harvard School of Medicine, has written a book with me. The title is “Come On People”. It is a support system.

Please encourage the people you’re talking about to read the book. It has all kinds of wonderful examples of people who didn’t know better but wanted to do better, as well as what and how they actually did because they wanted to do better.

-Bill Cosby

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